Monday, April 10, 2017

"This Has Been Pat Riley's Greatest Season With the Miami Heat"-Miami New Times

:) That's pretty funny. You guys are a riot in Miami. Look, pencil-dicks, this isn't Olympic gymnastics where you get graded on degree of difficulty. Since this isn't Olympic gymnastics, do you have any reasonable explanation for why Pat Riley, 1. didn't fill Chris Bosh's roster spot; 2. didn't put a player, you know, like, a guy who "plays," in Udonis Haslem's spot; 3. didn't sign another player to fill Dion Waiters' spot once Waiters was out more than three games? Huh?

Riley is the guy, there is one in every hierarchical organization, who puts his organization in a tight spot and then takes credit for getting it out of the tight spot that was his own creation. And you, Miami New Times, are the office shills who throw the "genius" a party.